Friday, 4 December 2015

The Travel Link Up: December

This month's travel link up could obviously only be about one thing: CHRISTMAS. It's going to be quite weird spending the festive period without my family in a country that a) doesn't celebrate Christmas and b) is ridiculously hot. 

I've already mentioned how I feel about spending Christmas abroad but the more I think about it the less I'm dreading it. It's something completely new and aswell as that, it's Jody and I's first Christmas without any presents to buy, family to visit or friends to drink with - It's our first Christmas just the two of us, which I think will be quite nice in a way.

Just because I'm not completely dreading it though doesn't mean I'm not gunna miss some Christmassy things...

The Lead Up.
I love the Christmas lead up - the music, the films, the TV, the markets, the decorations, the lights...December is just magical and everyone just seems in a brilliant mood throughout December.

The Weather.
We are quite lucky in Yorkshire because at some point or another we tend to get snow. This means Woolly hats and scarves, thick jumpers and boots - my favourites. Failing that it's pretty nice to watch from out of the window with the heating turned up to the max.

The Food.
Yorkshire puddings, potatoes, carrots, meat, M&S mini rolls, OMG. *Insert Homer Simpson style drool here* I could go on and on about food all day but I won't.

The Family.
My family are completely crackers but in the best way possible. Christmas is fun and it's loud and it's full of games which is how Christmas should be in my opinion.

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Are any of you guys spending Christmas abroad this year? How do you feel about it?



  1. I love the lead up to Christmas as well; i hope you get some snow this Christmas!
    Merry Christmas
    Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes

    1. I'm going to be in Bali this year so I don't think there will be any snow there, maybe just a lot of rain :(

      Merry Christmas to you too! x

  2. Am asking Santa to send you a whole lotta sunshine...