Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ten Things I actually want for Christmas as a traveller

christmas lights

1. Cash
Let's face it, who wouldn't like a whole heap of cash for Christmas? As a traveller cash is No.1 priority - You gotta pay the bills somehow.

2. A Bath
After months of living in hostels with dirty floors, poor water pressure and varying temperature my aching back would kill somebody for a bath right now. Bring on S.E Asia and the affordable hotels.

3. Socks
I'm one of those people who has to wear socks with trainers and due to numerous unpacking and re-packing my socks seem to be dwindling in numbers.

4. New Trainers
I wrecked my No.1 black Vans sweet potato picking (bellend) and my cute dog print ones are starting to get a bit worse for wear. K-Mart ones fall off your feet within a week so new trainers are definitely on my list.

5. A Hard Drive
I keep telling myself I should get a hard drive for numerous reasons but can't justify the cost. If someone were to get me one however...

6. A Roast Dinner
I so wish hostels had ovens and I so so wish there was some kind of teleportation device that could send one over like RIGHT NOW.

7. Someone to take my bag home
No matter how much stuff I bin, or send home, my bag is still stupidly heavy and I don't want to take it to Asia. If someone had told me we would have been going home via Asia I'd have just brought carry on and that's it.

8. A Mosquito Genocide
This ones one for the big man if he's reading this. Mosquitos are pointless, annoying, buzzy little pricks who should vanish from the face of the planet. Why are tigers going extinct but not mozzies?

9. Flight Vouchers
Much like Cash, flight vouchers would come in handy, especially when it comes to getting the big, expensive flight home. Failing that, I can always save them for the next adventure...

10. Books
I've been using the Kindle App since I left and I don't care what other people say, it isn't the same. As soon as I get home I am back on to the real deal. Sure books are a pain to carry but just one wouldn't hurt would it?

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