Saying goodbye to Sydney.

Sydney Opera house

I’m currently sat in Adelaide airport waiting for our flight to Port Lincoln. For some stupid reason I thought a stopover of four hours sounded like a good idea. It wasn’t. Luckily Adelaide airport has free, fairly decent wifi.

Yesterday I left my job at the National Breast Cancer foundation which was actually quite sad. In the three months I was there the guys made me feel really welcome and made my time working in Sydney pretty pleasant.

Aswell as leaving my job I also said goodbye to our hostel (which wasn’t that sad as it’s a pretty grim hostel) and Jody and I were waved off by a humongous flying cockroach who wouldn’t leave our room, wonderful.

Sydney has been great. At first we missed home but soon we realised we were living in one of the coolest cities in the world. There’s always something to do, something to see and apart from the constant rain (seriously, blazing sunshine Mon-Fri then rain Sat-Sun) we had a blast.

I really hope I get to see Sydney again some day but for now it’s goodbye and onwards to Port Lincoln!

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