Australia: THE END

On the 28th my Australian visa officially expired and my year there was up. Ok so I left Oz a week and a half ago (Hi SE Asia) but it still felt like an occassion that needed to be marked.
I did more new things, explored more places and earned more money than I ever have done. I met some cool people and changed for the better (I actually eat certain vegetables now, go me!) and I finally no longer look like Casper the friendly ghost..
From having an awesome apartment in Perth to doing two weeks of farm work up in Queensland to finishing up with 3 months in a Sydney hostel, Australia has been pretty sweet. There was a couple of rough patches (falling out with friends, despising our hostel) but we got there in the end.
It was quite sad knowing that our year was up and for half a second I almost regretted not doing my farm work to get my second year but oh well.
Here are my favourite bits from the past year…
There’s still a few places in Australia I need to return to – Darwin, Cairns and Melbourne – and we have already talked about the possibility of coming back and travelling around in a campervan (with a cheeky trip over to New Zealand aswell maybe?).
It’s a beautiful country with a zillion things to see and do – If you are thinking of visiting then just do it.

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