Why Fremantle should be on your list of places to go to in 2016.

When the Lonely Planet’s Best of 2016 list was released and we saw Fremantle was on the list we both thought ‘Well duh’. Our only qualm with the list was that it was only at No.7.



When we lived in Perth, Fremantle was our go to day trip. We would load up the car and spend the day wandering around, finding something new every time we went. A lot of people make the mistake of missing the West coast when they come to Australia and Fremantle is just one of the many reasons you should make WA a priority.

The Breweries and Bars.
Fancy a drink? Then Fremantle is the perfect place. Crammed with bars and breweries Fremantle leaves you spoilt for choice. Most notable is the Little Creatures brewery which is seriously popular any day of the week and when we used to go I was partial to a drink at the Ball and Chain or the Sail and Anchor.

The Restaurants and Cafes.
I could go on all day about the various eateries in Fremantle but I will stick to just three. The Bather’s beach house is located right by the beach and does THE BEST beef short ribs (althought the service isn’t amazing). There is also Wassup Dog in amongst the market serving up amazing gourmet beef hot dogs and the monk brewery which does a cracking steak sandwich (My apologies to any vegetarians!)

Fremantle Prison.
If you’re into a bit of British/Australian history this is a good place to go. Naughty brits were sent here in the 1850’s and built the place from the ground up. It offers some really interesting tours – the normal prison tour, the great escapes tour and even an underground canoe tour.

The Markets.
Fremantle market is great. It has loads of different food options, stalls that sell all sorts and even a place where you can go get a head, neck and shoulder massage. It also has street performers. I don’t think I need to go on.

The Shops.
Aswell as the market, Fremantle is stuffed full of cool shopping opportunities. From shops like City Beach that sell premium brands like Ripcurl, Billabong, etc to shops like Cheep, that sell vintage and kitsch clothing at low low prices. There’s also Krazy Tees where I picked up a sweet Fight Club t-shirt.

The Beach.
Fremantle beach is nice. Like really nice. Soft, white sand and beautiful blue colours. It gets a pretty nice breeze aswell making it the perfect place to sunbathe and swim.

The Vibe.
Fremantle has that laid back, easy going seaside town kinda feel, You can easily spend a day here and not actually do anything apart from lie around, potter around stalls and eat.

So there you have it. Fremantle. Quite possibly my favourite place in Australia. Try not too miss it!

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