Australia: Month 11 Recap

Well that’s month eleven over and done with.
This month has been a blur of working and saving as usual. We’ve done a bit of exploring though: We went to the Blue Mountains (It was freezing) and on a pirate ship around Sydney Harbour (it rained). Sydney is gearing up for Christmas and to be honest it all just feels a bit weird. (You can read more about that here).
This month we’ve started booking things for our 2016 SE Asia trip. We have our overnight train to Chiang Mai sorted, our day at the Elephant Nature Park paid for and managed to get ourselves two nights in a swanky Phuket hotel that we would probably never have been able to afford under normal circumstances – Thank you Groupon!
The savings did take a bit of a hit though as we decided to invest in the new TomTom Bandit action camera. We thought it would be ideal for our shark cage dive and the adventures that follow it in Asia. The biggest draw was definitely the shake to edit mobile app as we are a little bit technophobic – So expect some ridiculous videos in 2016!
I hope everyone had a lovely November and that you’re all getting ready for the big C word!

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