Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Why I didn't like Surfers Paradise

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I didn't know whether to post this or not because I didn't want any Gold Coast locals/die hard GC lovers to get offended but then I thought 'Meh everyone has their opinions and this is mine'.
So yeah sorry, if this offends.
Let's cut to the chase, I didn't like anything about Surfers Paradise.
Our hostel was ok - Yeah it was clean and all but it felt like we were in Big Brother (no windows in the living room and rooms surrounding) and everyone was really clicky. So there's the first negative.
Then whilst we were waiting to check in to said hostel we went looking for a Woolworths 'cos we were STARVING and got ambushed by some backpacker trying to sell us cheap nightclub tickets.
We are not nightclub people.
We did the polite thing and tried shaking him off but after a while it seemed easier to go with it - Until he started writing up tickets and offering to accompany us to an ATM so we could get cash to pay - ERM when did we say we wanted to buy tickets??  No sir.
In the end Jody been Jody told him where to stick it and left Jody in a pissed off kinda mood for the rest of the afternoon. Awesome.
The next day was spent at Movie World and if you've been to any of the big theme parks in the USA, I personally wouldn't bother going as it is dinky in comparison. It's okay but from what I've heard Dream World is much better.  Plus it rained which didn't exactly add to the experience.
So yeah, Surfers Paradise is definitely not one of my favourite places in Australia and after 2 days we booked our Greyhound tickets to Byron Bay.
Maybe I didn't give GC chance, maybe we should have stayed a bit longer but the vibe of the place didn't make me want to stay. Maybe one day I could go back and give it another chance..
But maybe not.
Is there anywhere you've been and really hated the vibe of the place?


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