Monday, 12 October 2015

9 reasons NOT to travel solo.

The benefits of travelling solo seem to be a big feature on blogs at the moment but what about those who actually LIKE travelling with a buddy? Be it a BFFa girl/boyfriend or even a family member, what are the benefits of travelling with a partner?

1. You have someone else to blame when google maps takes you in the complete opposite direction to where you need to be.

2. Splitting costs. Boring stuff like food and washing powder soon adds up so having someone to go halvsies on the shopping with is always a plus for budgeting travellers.

3. Your travel buddy can help you carry some of your stuff and vice versa. Unless you are both serial over packers then unlucky.

4. You always have someone to drag around a museum, go hiking with or even just go to the cinema with.

5. Putting suncream on is a lot less awkward when your buddy can do it. It's either do it yourself and miss bits or ask a total stranger to do it.

6. Long journeys are a lot easier when you have someone there to play games with and talk rubbish with.

7. It's a lot easier to keep homesickness away if you're with a buddy.

8. You will have a bazillion awesome memories and stories that you will always share ...Provided you don't fall out/split up of course.

9. You always have a photographer on hand to take stupid pictures of you.


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