Saturday, 24 October 2015

5 Awesome Western Australian National Parks

National Parks in Australia aren't like the national parks in England. That's probably because Oz get's a hell of a lot more sunshine than us so a day at a national park is pretty sweet. In Western Australia I went to quite a few and all of these are no more than 6 hours* drive away from the Perth CBD - Enjoy!

Fitzgerald River National Park

How far from Perth? 5 hours 39 minutes away or 495kms South East.
 Why should I go here? Aswell as being home to some gorgeous coast line, during the Winter months whales use this sheltered bay as a nursery for their young. Listen carefully and you will hear them chuffing and spraying water. Don’t be put off by the uneven road surfaces, a 2wd can make it just take it steady.

Stirling Ranges National Park

How far from Perth? 3 hours 39 minutes or 343kms South East.
Why should I go here? The Stirling Range is super dramatic and makes for some awesome photography but it’s main draw is Bluff Knoll, the highest peak it WA. It’s a 3-4km hike but the catch is that it has a lot of steep steps. I loved it but it isn't for everyone - read about my experience here.

John Forrest National Park 
How far from Perth? 40 minutes or 30kms North East.
Why should I go here? John Forrest National Park isn’t that far out of Perth (Bonus!) but as soon as you get out of your car you are transported into the bush. Great for hiking or just an afternoon picnic, it’s easy to spend a whole day here. It's got heaps of history aswell.

Kalbarri National Park
How far from Perth? 5 hours 39 or 530(ish) kms North.

Why should I go here? Kalbarri is best experienced in the colder months or early in the morning before 1) the sun gets out and 2) the flies wake up. Catch the sun rising over the river through Nature’s Window then have a climb in the gorges. For the braver crew members check out Kalbarri Abseil (Jody approved!).

Yanchep National Park

How far from Perth? 45 minutes or 55kms North.
Why should I go here? Yanchep is great because it's so close to Perth! Aswell as having a variety of bushwalks (Do you dare to try the ghost walk?), there's aboriginal experiences, caves, koalas and a tonne of kangaroos! Awesome for families, couples or solo explorers, there is something for everyone.

Things to Remember:

- Most parks have a $12 fee per car but for the full day you get to spend there this is nothing really.

- A lot of the land in the national parks is sacred ground for the indigenous people of Australia so be respectful!

 -The main aim of the National parks is to preserve and protect the native flora and fauna there so take your rubbish home with you and tread carefully.

*Sadly I didn't make it to the far North so none from that area are included.

Any nice national parks I should go to in NSW? Comment below!


  1. Reading this has made me want to visit Australia even more, the national parks sound amazing. Definitely want to visit Perth sometime soon!

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    1. Perth is lovely, so different to other Australian capital cities! are you coming to Australia any time soon?