Saturday, 19 September 2015

That time my boyfriend got mugged by a monkey*

Whilst in Ubud, Bali we went to the sacred monkey forest sanctuary - a general must do if you are ever in Bali. Jody (being a lot braver than I) went against the warnings to avoid buying bananas and bought a few bunches in the hope of getting monkey to climb on him.
This guy seemed pretty into it and they looked like they were making friends. What you don't see is the moment where he climbs over Jodes, tries to take the full bunch then goes to bite Jodes when he resists.
As you can see the monkey won and seemed pretty happy with himself and his victory.
That's one small step for the monkey, one giant leap for monkey kind.
So a word of warning - If you fancy getting some bananas at Monkey Forest just beware. If a monkey wants all your bananas, give them your bananas. It's not worth getting bitten for the sake of a couple of dollars.

*Jody really wanted me to call this post 'Me and my monkey' after the Robbie Williams song but y'know, no.


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