Sunrise at Busselton Jetty, WA

busselton jetty
Busselton is a small town, 222 kms south of Perth. It was the second stop on our south west Australian road trip (the first stop was the wonderfully wacky Gnomesville – LOT 4059 Wellington Mill Rd, Wellington Mill WA 6236, Australia) and it’s where we decided to park our Wicked Camper up for the night to get some sleep. It had been a pretty rough ride (the winds really battered our little camper!) so we were more than ready for a rest.
We had no idea what to do in the evening so we went out for a Chinese before settling down in our camper van with Parks and Recreation on our portable DVD player. We wanted to get a good night’s kip as we had set our alarms for the crack of dawn. We had a good reason though – We wanted to catch sunrise at Busselton Jetty.
Busselton jetty is a popular attraction – It stretches 1841 metres out into the ocean and during the day a train runs the length of it.  As we were there super early, we pretty much had the jetty to ourselves, bar a couple of dog walkers and runners.
Turns out, getting up early to watch the sunrise was well worth it. The sky turned various shades of orange, pink then blue and it literally took my breath away. Nature’s pretty awesome isn’t it?! We also got super lucky and saw quite a few dolphins playing in the ocean – It was our first time seeing dolphins in Australia so it was pretty amazing and something that I’ll never forget.
Once we had walked the 3.6km of jetty, we headed back to our Wicked Camper to start the next leg of adventure.
Our campervan trip was epic but there was something about our Busselton leg of the trip that really stole a piece of my heart.
Until next time!
busselton jetty
busselton jetty
busselton jetty
busselton jetty

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