Monday, 14 September 2015

On the road again..

Sometimes plans don't go the way we imagined they would. And that's okay.
After arrivingin Bundaberg two weeks ago we had high hopes that we would finish our 88 days in the limited time we have if we could find full time work (Finding full times mean your days off count towards your 88) - Alas this didn't happen.
Mostly this is our fault - We left it too late and should have left Perth a lot earlier - but there was also promises from the hostel of long hours and 6 days weeks that meant we would get our regional work in...These failed to materialise and it dawned on us that a second year isn't looking like a possibility for us anymore.
Instead of wasting time in Bundaberg we are now heading down the coast via the Greyhound (Stopping at Australia Zoo (DONE), Gold Coast and Byron Bay) before eventually ending up in Sydney to find work for a couple of months.
Yeah the plans gone tits up but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the few months we have left in Australia. Everything happens for a reason right?


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