Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to survive a week in a campervan with your S.O (Australia Version)

See this wee campervan? My 6 foot 3 boyfriend and I lived in that for a week - and didn't murder each other. Yeah I know, I couldn't believe it either.
1. Make it as cosy as possible. The more comfortable the sleeping area the better. I'm talking duvets, sleeping bags, pillows...Whatever you have going spare.
2. Have some time apart...Pretty hard to do when you are trapped in a car right? Go for a walk, go do the shopping, chat to other people when you stop - Just make sure you aren't on top of each other all day, every day.
3. PLAN. Have a rough idea where you are going and invest in or borrow a Sat Nav. Most road trip arguments are because people don't know where they are going and/or get lost.
4. Have some physical activities planned to tire yourself out so you can sleep on a night. We hiked up a mountain one day and slept like babies.
5. Take the weather into consideration. In Australia it can get pretty cold on a winter's night so wrap up. In the summer you will probably need a fan so you don't melt to death.
6. Stay in caravan parks or national parks some nights - Cheap, Safe and you can charge your electronics, cook on a proper bbq and have a beautiful, wonderful shower. Having a shower and a proper hot meal will do wonders for both of your moods.
7. The main objective should be to have fun TOGETHER. Don't worry about cramming everything in, just relax and go with it. We planned to go as far as Esperance, WA but had so much fun we scrapped it and ended up staying in Bremer Bay to whale watch.

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