Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Australia: Month 9 Recap

I told you all about leaving Perth for Bundaberg then leaving Bundaberg for Sydney so as you can guess it's been a pretty crazy month for Jody and I.

We left Perth and spent a couple of days exploring Brisbane before we moved on to Bundaberg where we hoped to do our regional work (Key word, hoped). Jody worked on a sugar cane farm and was scarred for life by an encounter with a dinner plate sized spider whilst I was working part time orange packing - Sadly my hours were getting less and less and after two weeks we ended leaving and giving up on our second year visas.

Following that we spent a week travelling the coast. We relived our childhoods at Steve Irwin's 'Australia Zoo', hated on the Gold Coast, chilled out for a few days at Byron Bay before crash landing in Sydney a week ago.

We landed on our feet and within 3 days we had work and spent the weekend gawping at the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

So now you're up to speed, where do we go from here?

Well in the middle of October we have Robbie Williams and John Bishop LIVE in Brisbane. Bit of a ballache but the tickets have been booked for ages and neither of us can really wait. To make the flight up to Brisbane worth our while, we are tacking on a trip to the Whitsundays - Ideal for a couple of beach bums like us.

Then it's just the hard save up until Christmas - meaning lot's of cheap days at the beach - then a trip to Port Lincoln so Jody can shark dive before going back to England via South East Asia.

Australia has been a completely new experience for us but in all honesty, I cannot wait to go home and see my family and my dogs and eat a proper roast dinner with proper gravy and Yorkshire Puddings.

Hope everyone had an ace month!


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