Monday, 21 September 2015

7 more films to inspire a bit of Wanderlust

Remember back at the beginning of June when I post about 7 films to trigger wanderlust? Well I've put my thinking cap on and come up with another seven to make those feet even itchier!

1. Hector and the search for Happiness - South Africa, Shanghai, London
Set in a variety Hector is doing exactly as the film title suggests - looking for happiness. It has some awesome locations and shows just how amazing travel can be...But it also shows the darker side. Loneliness, danger and how distance can affect your personal relationships.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl - The Caribbean

Locations for POTC included the Dominican Republic and St Vincent and the Grenadines and it's a film about love, ghosts and adventure. Filmed in one of the most beautiful, most dreamed about places in the world, what kind of actor would turn down that script?

3. Frozen - Norway
Yup another animated feature (Jody's really upset about this addition). The creators of Frozen were hugely influenced by the fjords and the scenery of Norway and who can blame them? Fancy staying  the night in Elsa's ice castle instead? Head to Sweden to the Ice Hotel!

4. In Bruges - Bruges (obvs)
A Jess and Jody favourite, Bruges is the quaint, fairytale-esque backdrop for this bleak, black comedy starring the beautiful Colin Farrell. From what I've seen on other blogs, people either love or hate the place, much like the two main characters in this. Head there at Christmas to have a truly magical experience at the markets.

5. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Jaipur and Rajastan, India
When trying to find the best place to film, the creators of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel settled on these two locations because of the vibrant and exotic colour palettes, the dilapidated yet still grand architecture and the mix of old and modern coming together - and after watching this who can blame them?

6. Jurassic Park & Jurassic World - Hawaii
One for all the nature lovers out there although no dinosaurs sadly. Jurassic Park was mainly filmed in Hawaii - With all that lush vegetation, it looks like somewhere dinosaurs would be pretty happy to roam about. Head to Kualoa Ranch (28 miles from Honolulu) for a variety of tours and have some fun pretending to be a dinosaur wrangler.

7. Top Gear: The Specials - Everywhere!
Technically not a film, but these fellas have been everywhere - America, Vietnam, Burma, India, The Middle East, South America - Even the Arctic. Love em or hate em, these guys have been to some awesome places and done some awesome stuff. The perfect programme to inspire you to take that long talked about road trip.

Have you seen any of the films on this list? Even better, have you been to any of the locations they were filmed?

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