Friday, 7 August 2015

Holy Shit I'm unemployed

Okay so lately I've been doing a '7 ways/things' post on a Friday but today is a big day. I am no longer employed (Well as of 5 o clock I'm not). 

My contract hasn't ended and they didn't push me out. I gave up my cushty temp role to become unemployed by choice. Kinda.

As you may know I'm going camper vanning in the South West for week, then heading to Bali (if that pesky ash cloud pisses off) before finishing up in Brisbane. Once in Brisbane I've got everything crossed that I can find some regional work for my second year visa ASAP so I will be unemployed for as little time as possible.

Even though I'm going to be looking for work the minute we touch down in Brisbane, it's still pretty terrifying knowing that the current contents of my bank have got to last me until I get a job there. My tax refund is taking aggeees so I haven't got as much money as I hoped but I'll get by.

As much as I like Perth we have spent way too much time here and are both ready to get moving.  The idea of not having a job or any money coming in is pretty scary but not as scary as the idea of missing out on a second year in Australia.


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