Sunday, 30 August 2015

Hiking Bluff Knoll

As we drove up the track towards the mountain a feeling of dread took over me. Jody seriously wanted me to climb that? Me? Gets knackered walking to the top of the stairs me? Standing in the car park looking up at it didn’t do anything to ease the knot in my stomach but in a ‘fuck it’ moment I got out of the car, took a deep breath and joined Jody at the starting point.

333.75 metres (1095 feet) might not sound high to some of you super fit types but to me – the Jody please go to the kitchen and get me a drink type – it was a lot. Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in Western Australia but when you compare it to Everest (8,848m) and Kilimanjaro (5,895m) it’s just a wee baby.
To get to the summit of Bluff Knoll (which as you can see from the photo is steep AF) you have to hike 3km round it through a mix of mud tracks, natural rock formations and steps that were blatantly created for basketball players.
The trail eases you in with a few metres of downwards steps – deceiving you into thinking that you *might* be able to climb the mountain with some ease – but don’t be fooled. If you’re unfit like me the next few hours are going to be pretty tough.

After 500 metres of going up steps that came up to my knees I was ready to call it quits, sit down and maybe have a bit of a sympathy cry but for once, I gave myself a talking too, put on my big girl pants and carried on.
In the middle, the climb eased up a bit and we were making good progress, we were proper hikers!

Then came the final descent.

Rocks, slippery, uneven rocks. A shit tonne of them. And guess what? The mist had rolled in and chances of seeing anything at the top had pretty much dissolved.
But there was no way I had climbed three quarters of the way up to go down because of a bit of fog – I’m from Yorkshire, the land of mist, clouds and drizzle dammit.
Two hours after we started we were at the top. The sense of relief I felt when we saw that little yellow summit of Bluff Knoll sign was incredible. Oh and you can get 3G up there and even tweet/facebook/Instagram that you’ve just hiked a mountain.
If you don’t put it on social media it may aswell never happened right?
It may have only been a small mountain (some fitness fanatics would probably call it a big hill) but for me getting up Bluff Knoll was a big deal.
I manned the eff up and powered on, doing something that I didn’t think would be possible for me to do. Instead of having a paddy and giving up I carried on. Through sheer stubbornness I got to the top of a mountain. Hell yeah.

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