Saturday, 29 August 2015

Australia: Month 8 Recap

If August were a colour it would be that two tone, shiny, iridescent colour that Saudi playboys favour for their fancy sports cars. If August were a colour it would be that moment where the sun rises and turns the sky pink, purple, red and orange all at once.

What I'm trying to say is that August was exciting, adventurous, fun and full of changes.

It's been go go go from the minute I left my job  - I've frozen my arse off in a campervan, hiked up a mountain, seen whales, discovered my favourite new cuisine, lived in luxury for a night on Gili Trawangan and fallen totally in love with Indonesia.

Yesterday I hopped on a place to Brisbane to start a new chapter of the Aussie story and now the hard work to get my second year visa begins.


August has been one of those months where I need to pinch myself every now and again and remember that this is actually my life. No set address, nowhere to be and a big, wide world that I quite fancy exploring some more of.

In other words, I am a very lucky duck.

Much Love.

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