Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Seven ways to be a more considerate passenger

1. Ask the person behind you if it's okay if you put your seat back. Sure everybody wants to put their seat back on the plane but consider who might be behind you first. A super tall human, a mum with a kiddy on her lap, you never know. (Speaking as the fiancée of somebody who is 6'4 he would much appreciate it if you asked first before you just put it back).

2. If you have something someone else needs then share the wealth. It's the little acts of kindness that make the world a better place. I saw some old dear give a young dude a tissue on the train because he needed to blow his nose and he couldn't have looked happier. Random acts if kindness remind people the world can be a wonderful place.

3. Try not to get to peeved by the parents with kids. Sure the screamers make our skin crawl but 95% of the parents are doing everything they can to keep their kids happy and silent. Just don't get me started on the other 5% who let their children run amok whilst they sit and chat *shakes fist*.

4. Keep it down. On the 13 hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Perth we had some dudes behind us who couldn't wait to tell the entire plane their life story...When you haven't slept for close to 24 hours, you've just left your entire world/family/life behind and you are feeling pretty emotional, God could be sat telling you the meaning of life and all you would want to do was to get some shut eye. Just try and keep it between you and your neighbourino.

5. Stay fresh. Take wipes, deodorant and fresh socks and underwear on any long haul travels. You will feel a zillion times better for a change and you won't scare off any potential buddies/passenger associates with your grimyness.

6. Stick to your spot. I've seen pictures of people with their socks off and feet up on the headrests and just no. Gross and Rude. Keep all limbs to yourself and in your confines. Yes it's not comfortable but everyone else does it and so should you.

7. Smile. Smile at the staff, smile at the other passengers, smile at your travel buddy (if you have one). Smiles are a universal language and if someone smiles back at you it always feels good right?

Oh and don't be that one person who gets completely smashed on the plane and has to be restrained ok?


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