Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 4 of the big trip - Greenough Wildlife Park

For the last two weeks there hasnt been any photos from my trip to Monkey Mia at the beginning of June (Mainly 'cos I'm lazy and rubbish) but today I'm gunna share some photos from the Greenough Wildlife Park we went to on the final day (I'm skipping day 3 because it was a lot of driving and honestly quite boring!).

Costing only $10.00 to get in, Greenough is run by two women and runs solely on donations.(The women are also certified snake handlers FYI). They take in injured animals, orphaned animals - any animal that needs a hand. The ones that can be released are but some are too old or too hurt to be released meaning they stay at the park living the life of riley.

They had a paddock full of Roo's, cages full of birds and reptiles aswell as a camel, a llama, some emus and three dingoes. All the cages are spacey and clean and the women ran a tight ship.

For 5 bucks you can get up close and personal with a little baby joey and for another 5 bucks you can go in with the dingoes for a meet and greet (and maybe a cuddle!) - an experience that would cost you upwards of $50.00 at Australia zoo.

Obviously I did both because who wouldn't?

The Dingos
Matilda and Banjo the dingos were abandoned by their mum as babies and were raised by the keepers at Greenough. They wouldn't have known how to hunt for themselves and would have eventually starved if they had been set free. Pearl was born a few years ago and has stayed with her mum.

Mason the baby Joey
Little baby Mason was found alone with broken hind legs meaning he wouldn't have survived very long by himself. As they were so badly broken he isn't expected to be released as they will always be quite brittle and the chances of them breaking again when he's older is quite big (poor guy!). Instead he will join the army of Roo's living at Greenough.

I won't lie, I expected Greenough to be pants. A wildlife park that noone seems to have heard of, just out side Geraldton in the middle of nowhere? Nah. Turns out I was wrong and it was awesome. They loved their jobs and put everything they had into building the place and ensuring that the animals are looked after.

If you ever head up to Kalbarri or Monkey Mia make sure you pop in if you have time as it really is worthy of your time and money! Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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