Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Pros and Cons to doing a group tour

I've never been on a group tour before, Jody and I have always done our own thing. As the drives in Australia tend to be long, boring and not completely safe (petrol stations are few and far between and you know THE OUTBACK). Sooo instead of possibly getting lost in the bush, we booked on to a group tour...And loved it. But is it for everybody?
Let's start with the Con's...Because who wants to end things on a negative?
  • Group tours can be pricier than if you did by yourself.
  • You never know if you might clash with people on the tour
  • Chances are you are gunna be cramped on the bus for a while
  • Little flexibility/freedom
  • Some are make your own food
  • There are usually optional extras that bump up the cost
And the Pro's?
  • It could be pricier OR it could work out a lot more cost effective
  • You will meet a HUGE variety of people
  • You will see more of the country via road than you would via air.
  • ESPECIALLY if you have an experience guide (like I did!)
  • You can sample hostel life and see if it is for you
  • There is no stress involved
  • You can't get lost!
  • Zero driving involved (Most of my stress stems from driving)
  • You can experience tonnes of new things
  • It will force you to step out of your comfort zone and do things you never thought you could.
It's pretty obvious that the Pro's outweight the Con's and on my tour that was definitely the case.  Personally I think they are great for short trips or to start off a longer trip and get you used to a new country.
I made some amazing memories and met some wonderful new people. We are already looking into booking another tour in South East Asia so let's see what happens.
Have you had any experiences of a group tour? What did you think?


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