Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Seven films to trigger Wanderlust

1. The Hobbit + The LOTR Trilogies - New Zealand
Okay this one crops up a lot in these kinds of lists and do you know why? Cos they are visually amazing. Watching these films makes me want to jack in Aussie life and go set up camp in a hobbit hole (Although I don't think my 6'4 fiancee would be too happy with the cramped living conditions!)

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Iceland
The idea of going against everything you know and setting off on the journey of a life time is something we all dream of but not all people do. Combine that with some awesome Icelandic backgrounds and you have an perfect travel film. (This is actually the film that got us off our butts and made us apply for our Australian visas!)

3. Elf - New York
I should probably be more specific here - New York at Christmas. I have been begging and whining to go to NY for Christmas for the whole 5 years Jody and I have been together. Ice skating at the Rockerfeller, OTT window displays and the AMAZING Christmas shopping to be had..And the magic of Elf just makes it seem even more fantastic (We will forget the bit with all the gum thought).

4. Eurotrip - Europe (obviously)
It's stupid and it's ridiculous but if definitely makes you want to pack up your bag and go on a ridiculous adventure with you buddies. And everyone secretly loves Scotty doesn't now right?

5. The Beach - Thailand
This is one of those that is always mentioned and for good reason (And no not cos Leo DiCaprio is in it!). It showcases the beauty of Thailand and leaves people dreaming of secluded island life. Well for the first half of the film anway. Despite it shedding a huge spotlight on the Thai islands you can still find some beauty spots away from the tourists if you are prepared to look.

6. Couples Retreat - The French Polynesia
Hands up if your dream destination is Bora Bora? *Puts hands up*. This film has some good giggles in despite not doing very well at the box office and it's one of Jody and I's favourites. I imagine it was pretty easy to get the cast on board when they mentioned where filming would be - A dream-like island paradise. Shame it's pretty expensive to go. One day. Sigh.

7. Up - South America
Yes it's CGI and yes it's supposedly for kids (yeah right!) but the message in Up is clear. You are never to old to go out and live your dream. 'Adventure is out there' is one of the quotes used in the film and it's one that me and the mister have started to live by.

Are there any films that inspired you to go travelling? Comment below!

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