Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Moving to Australia: FAQ's

One of my buddies from home is coming to Australia in the next couple of months and the other day she was asking me some questions about what to expect. It got me thinking and I thought I'd share some of them here!

How did I book my flights?
First I used Skyscanner to see what date would be cheapest to fly - You can check the whole month that you want to leave on there - and then I checked airline reviews to decide which company we wanted to fly with. Then I booked our tickets through the airline. EASY.

How did I survive said flight?
I nearly didn't. Especially sitting next to a six foot four dude who has no leg room cos the five foot Nana has put her seat back. I flew with Etihad and they made sure we were well fed and watered and we had TV's in the headrests. I also bought some inflight wifi so I could use my laptop and bought a couple of books to keep me occupied. It was a tough twenty hours, I won't lie.

How did I get a job?
Aww man it took me ages to get work. Without an Aussie employer on your CV no one wants to take you on (Unless you get lucky!). In the end I signed up to a couple of recruitment agencies and found my current job that way (For the WA government by the way!)

How much does it cost to live here for a month?
I pay $130 a week in rent, $50-70 a week on food and $40 on my train pass...But if I lived nearer the city my rent would be up and my train pass cost would be down. We looked at moving into a hostel and it worked out around the same as just getting a house share. So core expenses cost around $880 a month. Sounds a lot but remember the wages are higher!

Optional extras?
A beer on average will cost you between $6-$12 in a pub/bar and it's $50 for a crate in the bottleo.
A vodka and orange costs between $7-$13 and a bottle of vodka costs around $40.
A McDonalds for two will cost $25 and a Crust Pizza will set you back $22.
The cinema is $24 each and a meal in an average restaurant will cost around $50.

Do I miss home?
Some times I do, some times I don't. It's really weird. Obviously I miss my family and my dogs (sob!) but England itself? Not so much. I'm much better off financially here and the sunshine is a bonus.

What do I miss the most?
Like I said I miss my family and my dogs. You tend to miss the little things. I really miss central heating (it gets cold on a night in Winter!), the green of Yorkshire, certain biscuit brands and Tesco's/Sainsburys. Yes I miss the supermarket - the supermarkets here are pants and you have to go to separate shops for your food, your alcohol and your homeware. GET WITH THE TIMES AUSTRALIA!

And finally have I seen loads of spiders?
No. Jody is TERRIFIED of spiders and he hasn't seen that many or been that scared*. In the suburban/city areas you really don't see that many. Especially not big ones. I saw some when I was on my trip but that was in the outback so there you go.

*It might be different on the East coast though so don't take my word for it just yet!

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