Sunday, 21 June 2015

DAY TWO OF THE BIG TRIP PT 2: Sunset at Monkey Mia

It's Monday which means another instalment of my four day trip up to Monkey Mia! Monkey Mia is 10 hours North of Perth and a lot of the journey involves a long straight road, red sand and not a lot of anything else.
Monkey Mia is a beautiful beach side resort where a of dolphins live. The dolphins come right up close to the shore and on a morning they are fed by the Monkey Mia volunteers. As we got there on a night all the feeds were done for the day.
What we saw was even better than any scheduled dolphin feed.
After dinner we had a walk up the pier and heard some splashing. As it was pitch black we had no idea what was going on until we heard a splash right by where we were stood and saw a dark shape jump out of the water...Then another...Then another. We had walked out onto the pier in the middle of a dolphin hunt.
Seeing the dolphins twist and spin and dive was just incredible. It was one of those moments where even if I had had my camera I wouldn't have wanted to scare the dolphins off by taking pictures. So sadly, there is no evidence but I can share some photos of the AMAZING sunset we caught over the beach - Check out those colours!

Beautiful isn't it?

We stayed in a budget room (private but sharing a bathroom with the room next door) and as it is Winter they are currently ranging from $97-$118 a night during the week and $139 on a weekend. The dolphin feed is included in the cost and there are loads of other activities at an additional cost including sea kayaking, camel rides and an aboriginal trek.
Check out the Monkey Mia website for more.
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  1. I haven't heard of this place! But I've never been over to WA before. I love dolphins, wouldn't been amazing to see.

    1. Ahh it was fantastic, great place to see dolphins!

  2. Lush! Thats all I can say :)