Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day Two of the big Trip PT 1: Kalbarri National Park

After all the excitement of Day One (read all about it here), Day Two started with yet another early morning wake up call. Seriously the sun wasn't even up yet. This was because we were going to Kalbarri National Park where it gets *pretty* hot and the flies get pretty interested in anything with a pulse.
First up was a short trek to Nature's Window where we caught sight of the Murchison river from this view point - Pretty stunning right? It was one of the moments where you kinda stop and go 'Whoa'. What you can't see in this picture was the 3 inch spider to the left that was chowing down on some flies. We also saw some golden web which wasn't a result of Rasputin but from the Golden Orb Spider - And it was a pretty big web so hell knows how big the spider was. Didn't hang around long enough to find out.
The Golden Orb's web is stronger than steel too fact fans.

After a few pics of the river we went over to Nature's Window which is an all natural frame made out of limestone. The lighting wasn't great 'cos the sun was still coming up but you can see from the picture above it makes a pretty good photo op with or without the goofy models in the shot.

After Nature's Window we started trekking in the gorges - WHICH I LOVED - and good old adventurer Jody did the optional activity of abseiling. Obviously as the official couple photographer I took one from the team and didn't take part and was pretty impressed when Jodes was practically pro at it. Helps that he has daddy long leg legs and could bounce off the rock like a kangaroo but hey, he was still awesome at it.
Once the adrenaline junkies had finished pratting around we carried on down to the river which as you can see was uber clear and 100% drinkable. By this point though the flies had started to invade and everybody was starting to get pissed off and were grumbling about going back to the bus...Spoilsports.

Being down in the gorges was like being on another planet and the park itself was just so quiet and peaceful. We saw loads of kangaroos, birds and bugs and Jody and I both felt very lucky to have been to the park before we leave for QLD.

After a hike back up the gorge to the bus we were back on board and all ready for the four hour drive to Monkey Mia....Which is going to get it's own post because it was just so fantastic/amazing/breath taking!

Come back in a week for Day Two of the big trip: Monkey Mia pt.2!



  1. Great pictures! I'm going to Australia soon, so this post got me even more excited :)

    1. Oh awesome! Whereabouts are you headed?