Sunday, 7 June 2015

DAY ONE OF THE BIG TRIP: Some introductions and some big rocks

I may have mentioned that last week I went on a four day trip up to Monkey Mia (and if you follow me on instagram you have probably seen quite a few photos!) and if you have read this post you probably know that I had a lot of fun exploring a bit more of WA.
So what did I get up to on Day one?
After getting up at the crack of dawn to meet the group (which consisted of a Canadian couple, four German girls, Two French chicks, a Filipino lady and an EIGHTY TWO year old Aussie fella) THIS pulled up and out popped a ballroom dancing, drumming, tour guide/chef (otherwise known as Paul). With his super long pony tail and his bad ass four wheel drive there was only one thing going through our minds - This is gunna be fun.
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After a few introductions we were on the road to our first stop, The Pinnacles Desert in Cervantes. Que our first group photo (I'm second from the left and that's Jody next to me...Just incase you were curious).

Anyways, the Pinnacles a two and a half hour drive North of Perth and they are these weird limestone formations that just kinda happened. They were only discovered in 1960 and they are pretty cool. You can read more about what they actually are here - Cos I have no idea.
The best way would to describe them would be that if someone was making a film about Mars this would be the perfect film set for some desolate first landing kinda scene. Very ET.

Obviously Jody and I had to find the naughtiest looking one and take a picture of it cos well, we are children. #Mature.

Afterwards was lunch at Hangover Bay (which as you can see had crystal clear water - seriously this pic has no filters or edits whatsoever) where we all got to know each other a little bit more. Then it was back in the bus for another FOUR hours to get to our next destination - Kalbarri.

Paul was racing to try and get us to this spot he loves to watch the sunset and honestly, we thought 'why the hell is he risking our lives, it can't be that good!'.. But then we pulled up to Pink Lake (named after the algae that turns it pink - durrr) and shut up pretty fast. The sunset was unreal and I've never seen colours like it. It made the long, Mad Max style drive worth it.

An hour later we pulled up to the Big River Ranch in Kalbarri where I ate ALL MY VEGETABLES for the first time in my 23 year old life, experienced sharing a room with four other people and got an excellent night's sleep before Day Two of the big trip - Kalbarri and the trek to Monkey Mia.


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