Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Australia: Month Five Recap

 I should have written this post on Friday but I went swanning off up North at the crack of dawn instead...Sorry. Anyways Friday was the end of month five in Australia and what a month.
We moved into a swanky new pad, decided we were moving to Brisbane (and booked ROBBIE WILLIAMS tickets) before rounding it off with a four day trip to Monkey Mia. To be honest, I really need to start on my trip posts but I have so many photos to fiddle with and I'm not sure if my blog posts will do the trip any justice - COS IT WAS AWESOME.
We met some wonderful people ranging from an 18 year old German Au Pair to an 82 year old Truck Driver from Brisbane (More on him later). I experienced some amazing, beautiful things and can honestly say I felt kinda blessed to see some of the things I got to see - I promise the posts will evolve eventually, but I'm currently in mourning.
Today was my first day back at work and I just could not be arsed. Can I be a full time adventurer please?


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