Monday, 29 June 2015

Australia: Month 6 recap

Today we have a 6 month recap post instead of my regular Monday post detailing my trip to Monkey Mia at the end of May. Can you believe it's been 6 months today since we landed at Perth Airport? Nope me neither.

*Just a heads up this is a loooong post*

In 6 months we have explored every nook and cranny of Perth and we are itching to get ourselves to Brisbane and start exploring somewhere completely new. We also have our dreaded regional work to look forward to once we are there - Can't wait! (Not).

Despite having seriously itchy feet, looking back Jody and I have both enjoyed our time in Perth and we have seem some beautiful, once in a lifetime kinda things - Our only regret is living with friends when we first arrived and not moving on from Perth a little bit sooner. BUT we can't go back in time so we are just going to enjoy our last few months here as much as possible!*

My god this feels like yonks ago. Everything was so new and fun and HOT. I celebrated my first Summer birthday and we had our first trip to Fremantle and met some locals at Caversham Wildlife Park. We also took full advantage of the beautiful WA coast line and spent a lot of time getting aquainted with the sunshine at the beach.

In February things got a bit more serious and we started looking for jobs. If you recall Jody got one straight away and I got a bit down 'cos I still didn't have one by the time March rolled around. In terms of what we saw, we explored the beautiful Kings Park for the first time and had a nice morning with all the wildlife at Perth Zoo

In mid-March I finally got employment and sighed a huge sigh of relief. We got up close and personal with the quokkas of Rottnest, checked out the Sculpture by the Sea art show at Cottesloe and had a swim up at Serpentine Falls.

April meant Jody's birthday and as he isn't particularly bothered about it we didn't do a right lot to celebrate. We were both working hard and were looking desperately for a new place to live. In between saving and house hunting we went to the Motor Museum of WA and HELD A KOALA BEAR JFSHKG;IWEGHWE. My personal highlight.

Exciting posts and days out were a little thin on the ground in May. We moved into our new flat and were just taking it easy and trying to save a bit harder. We decided to go to Brisbane to do our regional work and booked our flights for August 28th.

June has been fun. We are settled in our flat, we have had money and we have been up to allsorts. We went on a four day trip through Kalbarri up to Monkey Mia, went to Yanchep National Park and celebrated Midsummer Swedish style. Oh and did I mention we booked Bali?

The rest of 2016 is set to be interesting with a week in Bali and a move to Brisbane to *hopefully* find some regional work to get our second year visa's. A friend of ours comes over from our hometown and we have the whole of the East coast to explore!

*The photos used to head each section are my personal favourites from that month.

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