Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Where did The Inbetweeners go wrong?

The Inbetweeners is one of my favourite tv shows of all time. The films? Just as good. When we heard the second one was set in Australia we figured we HAD to watch it as homework for our upcoming move. It's defintely more of a what not to do for those of you that haven't seen it!
 So where did they go wrong?
ONE - They didn't go prepared...At all.
They pretty much just rocked up and counted on finding Jay (who worked in a Sydney club). Meaning they didn't booked any accommodation or have a back up plan just incase they didn't find him. MADNESS. After a gruelling 24 hour flight knowing you have somewhere to rest your head is a must do.
TWO - They followed love (or lust if you will).
Jay followed a girl all the way to Oz then Will followed a girl around Oz. Sure if there is a spark, give travelling together a go but when you are blatantly in the friend zone (and everyone tells you you are) just leave it. Have your own plan of what you want to do. Leading me too...
THREE - They worried too much about what other people thought.
So what if you want to go to a super touristy busy place? It's your trip, nobody elses, do what you want to do. Aslong as you have a blast who cares what other people think.
FOUR - They argued and somebody got left behind.
Rule number one - Nobody gets left behind. Especially not during an argument. If someone does want to stay behind make sure they are 100% sure about you moving on without them and ensure you have the address of where they are staying and a contact number! And if you do argue? Take some time to cool off and get back together when the dust has settled.
FIVE - They went into the outback with no food, no water, no petrol and no final destination.
Perhaps the biggest No No of all in Australia. Going in to the bush unprepared. I don't even like going an hour North of Perth without a few litres of water just incase. The outback is one of the most dangerous and desolate places in the world so BE PREPARED if you must go into the outback. Again, a serious lack of planning.
The common denominator here? They winged the entire trip. I'm all for a few empty diary spaces, don't get me wrong, but Australia can be dangerous if you don't do it right! Make sure you plan ahead, especially if the outback is involved.


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