Wednesday, 20 May 2015

REVIEW: Breakfast at Hog's Breath Cafe, Joondalup

On Sunday (Before the heavens opened up and Perth was drenched) Jody and I made our way down to Hog's Breath Café in Joondalup (A five minute walk from our flat) in the hope of getting an awesome delicious breakfast...And we did. 

I guess Hogs Breath Café is kinda like an American Diner...Saloon doors, car number plates, dismembered cards, sports memorabilia and plenty of MEAT. As  Jody and I don't really do fancy restaurants, Hog's Breath is the perfect place for us to go for a meal. It's cheap, it's good food and it has a nice atmosphere. Give us a burger and fries over some fancy schmancy meal any day.
Anyways, it was Sunday morning and we both knew that cereal just wasn't going to cut it. After getting up and dressed in record time for a Sunday, we were at Hog's Breath bright and early to fill our tummies. First up was the BEST hot chocolate I've tried in Oz so far (although San Churro have one that I'm itching to try!) that was cool enough to drink straight away. Not too sickly sweet either.
After a quick sweep of the menu it didn't take us long to decide what we were having...PANCAKES.
Jody and I are big pancake people. Whenever there are pancakes on a menu we have to try them. Since sampling Denny's famous American style pancakes nothing else has ever come close to beating them...Until now.
Caramelized fluffy pancakes, sweet vanilla ice cream, yummy maple syrup and chopped fruit. Delicious.
The pancakes themselves were really light and fluffy and the ice cream just added to the flavour. Normally I'm not a syrup kinda gal but this syrup was lush. With that much sugar on a plate you would think it would be super sickly but surprisingly it was just right.
There are Hogs Breath Cafe's located all over Australia and if you are ever near one I would definitely recommend you pop in between 7.30 - 11 on a Friday-Saturday for some amazing American-esque pancakes! It's well worth the 12 bucks!


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