Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Top Five Perth Experiences (SO FAR!)

I've been in Perth for a good four months now and I do like it, I'm just dying to see the rest of the country. We are having a couple of months of hard saving before we move on and I will be a little bit sad to say Goodbye. But on that note, here are my five favourite things I've seen and done in Perth (so far!)

5. The WA sunsets
Sunsets were something that never used to catch my eye at home. Maybe cos the time changed constantly or the colours just weren't that amazing. Here it's another story - WA sunsets are unreal. Reds, oranges, pinks, blues, purples. They are beautiful, especially if you catch the sunset at the beach. Wow.

4. Kings Park
Kings Park offers up some pretty incredible views of Perth city and you forget you are so close to it. There's so much nature to take in and because it's quite hilly you feel like you are getting a workout in at the same time!

3. Fremantle
Oh Freo, you have my heart. If Jody didn't work in the North we would move to Fremantle in a heartbeat. A proper hippy, backpacker town it's packed with things to do and places to eat. I'd recommend the busy, quirky markets in the morning before a bite to eat at Bathers Beach House (Go for the beef short ribs) and finish up with a tour of the Fremantle Prison.

2. The wildlife parks.
So far we have been to Caversham Wildlife Park, Cohunu Koala Park and Perth Zoo. All the animals at these places seem really well cared for and it's crazy to get so close to some of the Aussie natives. Holding Tilly the koala was a highlight of my trip and I just wish I could have taken her home!

1.  Rottnest Island
I think if you asked anyone who had been to Perth the question 'What would you recommend doing?', I'm 99% sure they would tell you to get yourself to Rottnest. Turquoise water, super clean beachesand a mega chilled vibe - It's well worth the ferry fee over!

I highly recommend renting a bike to see a bit more of the island...Although we rented bikes and saw hardly anything 'cos we kept stopping to explore! One day isn't enough and you will be itching to go back - Luckily there are hotels and camp sites if you do fancy staying a few days.

Plus it's the only place in the world you can see these cuties!


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