Thursday, 14 May 2015

Introducing our new pad

In Sunday's 'Lately I love' post I may mentioned that we have moved into a swanky new apartment complex...and we are very happy about it. It's going to do us nicely for the next couple of months so here's a little peek into our new place.
So here is our room. Mirrored wardrobes, THE BALCONY and a lilac feature wall. Heaven.
The balcony. It's a sun trap on nice afternoons aswell, ideal for chilling out on day or night.
A pool and a gym? = No excuses.

Remember when I got these cards from Freo? Well I've framed them and stuck them in some K Mart frames and they look awesome.

My cuddly pals. In a couple of months Toothless is going to be shipped home (he's a bit big to fit in my backpack) so it's nice to have them out whilst I can.

A couple of candles (and yes one is a cactus!), a funko pop Simba, an Etsy plaque and a Target bunny rabbit jar. Pinterest worthy items. Plus you can never have too many cotton buds right?

Yep this sign is on the bathroom door. It's AWESOME.



  1. Although I'd never live in a flat/apartment ever again, I can't say I'm not jealous of that balcony and pool/gym!!! How fab is that!
    Also, super weird but I have that same Simba soft toy! I got him when I was 2 (23 years ago almost) and still have him...though mines a little more battered as I took him literally everywhere with me right up until I was about 21! haha

    Would love to see more of the place!

    - Danielle xo

    1. Yeah sunbathing on the balcony is pretty sweet, it's a nice little stop gap :)

      When I came to Oz I didn't dare pack Simba in my checked baggage, I'd have been devastated to lose him!