Friday, 22 May 2015

How to pimp up your CV for Aussie employers

Time for some real talk today guys. Some grown up stuff if you will - How to write a CV. I know, I know boring right? But trust me, if you are coming to Australia your CV will need a spring clean...They do things a little differently here!

Okay as us Brits are forced to write eleven hundred and two CV's whilst we are at school, I'm hoping you all have a basic idea on how to write a CV in England...Anyways this is the basic layout that we all know and love:
  • Name and Details
  • Qualifications
  • Career History (oldest first) with a paragraph for each job explaining your duties.
  • Personal Statement
  • Thanks blah blah
You would think that would be a world wide way of writing a CV well nope, WRONG.

Here is Australia the employers like things a little bit different.. Here the basic CV template is more like this:
  • Name and Details
  • Personal Statement
  • Qualifications
  • Career History (Newest first)
  • Thanks blah blah
Rightio, SO...Step One, Name and Details:
This stays the same..Obviously. Include your name, DOB, contact no, address and e-mail. EASY.

Step Two, Personal Statement:
So you know back home a personal statement is where you bore on about how good you are at time keeping and grammar and all that claptrap. Well here you should keep it to the point. Outline 3 of your best qualities and maybe a sentence or two about what brought you to Australia and how long you plan to be here.

Step Three, Qualifications:
Okay this stays the same (ish). Most recent first rather than oldest to newest.

Step Four, Career History:
Ok this one is the big change. In the Uk, you will pop down where you worked, your job title, the dates you worked there and the company contact details ASWELL as a nice chunky paragraph detailing what it is exactly you did there. Well forget all that guys.

Well don't forget all of it - Keep the company name, job title and dates (they're important) and include a company e-mail...Remember Australia is anywhere between 7 and 10 hours ahead of the UK so a phone number is practically useless.

Then scrap that boring paragraph about how you answered the phones and waited tables and did this and did that....Keep it basic and put the key points of the role in bullet points.

Like this:
  • Data Entry
  • Answering the phone
  • Providing excellent customer service
See? Super simple.

Step Five, Thank you for reading my CV:
You know, just be polite.

There you have it. A bit of a boring post but kind of a necessary one - I wish I knew that CV's were laid out a little bit different before I sent out 100 of them.

Key Points:
  • Keep it short and snappy!
  • Aussie workplaces are super laidback...Employers want to get straight to the point not sift through a load of crap.
  • Don't forget to get an e-mail address from you old employers for a reference.
  • And another big one - don't lie just because it's a different country!
Hopefully this helps anyone looking to come to Australia and thanks for reading!

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