Monday, 4 May 2015

17 reasons why you should head to The North

Let's have it right, when you hear England you think of London, the Queen, the Tower of London and the Warner Bros Studio Tour. And whilst all those things are awesome, London is just a three hour train ride from one of the bestest places in the world - The North of England*

Often painted as bleak and miserable the North is anything but. - As a native Yorkshire Lass I can vouch for that. Trust me there is a reason that the Starks (the TOP house on GoT) have Yorkshire accents...Cos The North is the BEST.

1. It's so green. That proper lush green that you see on TV. If there's one thing Australia lacks it's that green that looks alive.

2. We have a bazillion heritage sites and nature parks. Perfect for a cheap day out armed with just a picnic.

3. The Tour De France came through my little patch of Yorkshire. If we are good enough for the TDF then we are good enough for anybody!

4. The air is crisp and clean. Seriously you can breathe that shit in all day and not get ill or cough.

5. And you have your own space. In London everything is so rushed and crowded. Up North everything is a bit more chilled out and calmer. (Obs this doesn't extend to the big cities but you know).

6. We have a pretty good music scene. Oasis and The Stone Roses? Manchester. The Beatles? Liverpool. The Arctic Monkeys and Pulp? Sheffield...Just to name a few.

7. And we've not only spawned some fanastic musicians...Hello Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson. Howdy Sean Bean!  How you doing Anthony Gormley and David Hockney?

8. Speaking of artists, the arts and culture scene ain't too bad up here either. Loads of museums and galleries to be getting yourself to including the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and various Tate's.

8. Does the colour green and the idea of fresh air bore you? Well there's plenty of cities to go to for shopping and nightlife - Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield...Endless fun.

9. Lot's of cities also means lot's of uni options. And from what I gather they are pretty good uni's aswell.

10. Yorkshire Puddings. You don't need anything more than that.

11. Betty's. A Yorkshire institution. I don't know one person who doesn't visit when they pop up from the South.

12. Oh and Brymor. It's a 15 minute drive from where I live and it sells the best ice cream EVER... AND it's no longer shutting down! HURRAH!

13. If you're into cycling, walking, hiking or running, the North (especially Yorkshire) is a top place to come - aswell as the beauty, it's pretty safe. Thanks to the 2012 Olympics and the TDF sport has seen a real boost.

14. The nature. Cute little critters, loads of trees and rolling hills. In Summer the countryside of the North can't be beaten.

15. Pubs. So many pubs.

16. And guess what? It's fairly cheap compared to down South.

17. And the last reason to head to the North?? Because it's just AWESOME, that's why.

* And yes this is probably quite biased towards Yorkshire. Soz.


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