Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Where did The Inbetweeners go wrong?

The Inbetweeners is one of my favourite tv shows of all time. The films? Just as good. When we heard the second one was set in Australia we figured we HAD to watch it as homework for our upcoming move. It's defintely more of a what not to do for those of you that haven't seen it!
 So where did they go wrong?
ONE - They didn't go prepared...At all.
They pretty much just rocked up and counted on finding Jay (who worked in a Sydney club). Meaning they didn't booked any accommodation or have a back up plan just incase they didn't find him. MADNESS. After a gruelling 24 hour flight knowing you have somewhere to rest your head is a must do.
TWO - They followed love (or lust if you will).
Jay followed a girl all the way to Oz then Will followed a girl around Oz. Sure if there is a spark, give travelling together a go but when you are blatantly in the friend zone (and everyone tells you you are) just leave it. Have your own plan of what you want to do. Leading me too...
THREE - They worried too much about what other people thought.
So what if you want to go to a super touristy busy place? It's your trip, nobody elses, do what you want to do. Aslong as you have a blast who cares what other people think.
FOUR - They argued and somebody got left behind.
Rule number one - Nobody gets left behind. Especially not during an argument. If someone does want to stay behind make sure they are 100% sure about you moving on without them and ensure you have the address of where they are staying and a contact number! And if you do argue? Take some time to cool off and get back together when the dust has settled.
FIVE - They went into the outback with no food, no water, no petrol and no final destination.
Perhaps the biggest No No of all in Australia. Going in to the bush unprepared. I don't even like going an hour North of Perth without a few litres of water just incase. The outback is one of the most dangerous and desolate places in the world so BE PREPARED if you must go into the outback. Again, a serious lack of planning.
The common denominator here? They winged the entire trip. I'm all for a few empty diary spaces, don't get me wrong, but Australia can be dangerous if you don't do it right! Make sure you plan ahead, especially if the outback is involved.


Friday, 22 May 2015

How to pimp up your CV for Aussie employers

Time for some real talk today guys. Some grown up stuff if you will - How to write a CV. I know, I know boring right? But trust me, if you are coming to Australia your CV will need a spring clean...They do things a little differently here!

Okay as us Brits are forced to write eleven hundred and two CV's whilst we are at school, I'm hoping you all have a basic idea on how to write a CV in England...Anyways this is the basic layout that we all know and love:
  • Name and Details
  • Qualifications
  • Career History (oldest first) with a paragraph for each job explaining your duties.
  • Personal Statement
  • Thanks blah blah
You would think that would be a world wide way of writing a CV well nope, WRONG.

Here is Australia the employers like things a little bit different.. Here the basic CV template is more like this:
  • Name and Details
  • Personal Statement
  • Qualifications
  • Career History (Newest first)
  • Thanks blah blah
Rightio, SO...Step One, Name and Details:
This stays the same..Obviously. Include your name, DOB, contact no, address and e-mail. EASY.

Step Two, Personal Statement:
So you know back home a personal statement is where you bore on about how good you are at time keeping and grammar and all that claptrap. Well here you should keep it to the point. Outline 3 of your best qualities and maybe a sentence or two about what brought you to Australia and how long you plan to be here.

Step Three, Qualifications:
Okay this stays the same (ish). Most recent first rather than oldest to newest.

Step Four, Career History:
Ok this one is the big change. In the Uk, you will pop down where you worked, your job title, the dates you worked there and the company contact details ASWELL as a nice chunky paragraph detailing what it is exactly you did there. Well forget all that guys.

Well don't forget all of it - Keep the company name, job title and dates (they're important) and include a company e-mail...Remember Australia is anywhere between 7 and 10 hours ahead of the UK so a phone number is practically useless.

Then scrap that boring paragraph about how you answered the phones and waited tables and did this and did that....Keep it basic and put the key points of the role in bullet points.

Like this:
  • Data Entry
  • Answering the phone
  • Providing excellent customer service
See? Super simple.

Step Five, Thank you for reading my CV:
You know, just be polite.

There you have it. A bit of a boring post but kind of a necessary one - I wish I knew that CV's were laid out a little bit different before I sent out 100 of them.

Key Points:
  • Keep it short and snappy!
  • Aussie workplaces are super laidback...Employers want to get straight to the point not sift through a load of crap.
  • Don't forget to get an e-mail address from you old employers for a reference.
  • And another big one - don't lie just because it's a different country!
Hopefully this helps anyone looking to come to Australia and thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

REVIEW: Breakfast at Hog's Breath Cafe, Joondalup

On Sunday (Before the heavens opened up and Perth was drenched) Jody and I made our way down to Hog's Breath Café in Joondalup (A five minute walk from our flat) in the hope of getting an awesome delicious breakfast...And we did. 

I guess Hogs Breath Café is kinda like an American Diner...Saloon doors, car number plates, dismembered cards, sports memorabilia and plenty of MEAT. As  Jody and I don't really do fancy restaurants, Hog's Breath is the perfect place for us to go for a meal. It's cheap, it's good food and it has a nice atmosphere. Give us a burger and fries over some fancy schmancy meal any day.
Anyways, it was Sunday morning and we both knew that cereal just wasn't going to cut it. After getting up and dressed in record time for a Sunday, we were at Hog's Breath bright and early to fill our tummies. First up was the BEST hot chocolate I've tried in Oz so far (although San Churro have one that I'm itching to try!) that was cool enough to drink straight away. Not too sickly sweet either.
After a quick sweep of the menu it didn't take us long to decide what we were having...PANCAKES.
Jody and I are big pancake people. Whenever there are pancakes on a menu we have to try them. Since sampling Denny's famous American style pancakes nothing else has ever come close to beating them...Until now.
Caramelized fluffy pancakes, sweet vanilla ice cream, yummy maple syrup and chopped fruit. Delicious.
The pancakes themselves were really light and fluffy and the ice cream just added to the flavour. Normally I'm not a syrup kinda gal but this syrup was lush. With that much sugar on a plate you would think it would be super sickly but surprisingly it was just right.
There are Hogs Breath Cafe's located all over Australia and if you are ever near one I would definitely recommend you pop in between 7.30 - 11 on a Friday-Saturday for some amazing American-esque pancakes! It's well worth the 12 bucks!


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Introducing our new pad

In Sunday's 'Lately I love' post I may mentioned that we have moved into a swanky new apartment complex...and we are very happy about it. It's going to do us nicely for the next couple of months so here's a little peek into our new place.
So here is our room. Mirrored wardrobes, THE BALCONY and a lilac feature wall. Heaven.
The balcony. It's a sun trap on nice afternoons aswell, ideal for chilling out on day or night.
A pool and a gym? = No excuses.

Remember when I got these cards from Freo? Well I've framed them and stuck them in some K Mart frames and they look awesome.

My cuddly pals. In a couple of months Toothless is going to be shipped home (he's a bit big to fit in my backpack) so it's nice to have them out whilst I can.

A couple of candles (and yes one is a cactus!), a funko pop Simba, an Etsy plaque and a Target bunny rabbit jar. Pinterest worthy items. Plus you can never have too many cotton buds right?

Yep this sign is on the bathroom door. It's AWESOME.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Top Five Perth Experiences (SO FAR!)

I've been in Perth for a good four months now and I do like it, I'm just dying to see the rest of the country. We are having a couple of months of hard saving before we move on and I will be a little bit sad to say Goodbye. But on that note, here are my five favourite things I've seen and done in Perth (so far!)

5. The WA sunsets
Sunsets were something that never used to catch my eye at home. Maybe cos the time changed constantly or the colours just weren't that amazing. Here it's another story - WA sunsets are unreal. Reds, oranges, pinks, blues, purples. They are beautiful, especially if you catch the sunset at the beach. Wow.

4. Kings Park
Kings Park offers up some pretty incredible views of Perth city and you forget you are so close to it. There's so much nature to take in and because it's quite hilly you feel like you are getting a workout in at the same time!

3. Fremantle
Oh Freo, you have my heart. If Jody didn't work in the North we would move to Fremantle in a heartbeat. A proper hippy, backpacker town it's packed with things to do and places to eat. I'd recommend the busy, quirky markets in the morning before a bite to eat at Bathers Beach House (Go for the beef short ribs) and finish up with a tour of the Fremantle Prison.

2. The wildlife parks.
So far we have been to Caversham Wildlife Park, Cohunu Koala Park and Perth Zoo. All the animals at these places seem really well cared for and it's crazy to get so close to some of the Aussie natives. Holding Tilly the koala was a highlight of my trip and I just wish I could have taken her home!

1.  Rottnest Island
I think if you asked anyone who had been to Perth the question 'What would you recommend doing?', I'm 99% sure they would tell you to get yourself to Rottnest. Turquoise water, super clean beachesand a mega chilled vibe - It's well worth the ferry fee over!

I highly recommend renting a bike to see a bit more of the island...Although we rented bikes and saw hardly anything 'cos we kept stopping to explore! One day isn't enough and you will be itching to go back - Luckily there are hotels and camp sites if you do fancy staying a few days.

Plus it's the only place in the world you can see these cuties!


Monday, 4 May 2015

17 reasons why you should head to The North

Let's have it right, when you hear England you think of London, the Queen, the Tower of London and the Warner Bros Studio Tour. And whilst all those things are awesome, London is just a three hour train ride from one of the bestest places in the world - The North of England*

Often painted as bleak and miserable the North is anything but. - As a native Yorkshire Lass I can vouch for that. Trust me there is a reason that the Starks (the TOP house on GoT) have Yorkshire accents...Cos The North is the BEST.

1. It's so green. That proper lush green that you see on TV. If there's one thing Australia lacks it's that green that looks alive.

2. We have a bazillion heritage sites and nature parks. Perfect for a cheap day out armed with just a picnic.

3. The Tour De France came through my little patch of Yorkshire. If we are good enough for the TDF then we are good enough for anybody!

4. The air is crisp and clean. Seriously you can breathe that shit in all day and not get ill or cough.

5. And you have your own space. In London everything is so rushed and crowded. Up North everything is a bit more chilled out and calmer. (Obs this doesn't extend to the big cities but you know).

6. We have a pretty good music scene. Oasis and The Stone Roses? Manchester. The Beatles? Liverpool. The Arctic Monkeys and Pulp? Sheffield...Just to name a few.

7. And we've not only spawned some fanastic musicians...Hello Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson. Howdy Sean Bean!  How you doing Anthony Gormley and David Hockney?

8. Speaking of artists, the arts and culture scene ain't too bad up here either. Loads of museums and galleries to be getting yourself to including the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and various Tate's.

8. Does the colour green and the idea of fresh air bore you? Well there's plenty of cities to go to for shopping and nightlife - Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield...Endless fun.

9. Lot's of cities also means lot's of uni options. And from what I gather they are pretty good uni's aswell.

10. Yorkshire Puddings. You don't need anything more than that.

11. Betty's. A Yorkshire institution. I don't know one person who doesn't visit when they pop up from the South.

12. Oh and Brymor. It's a 15 minute drive from where I live and it sells the best ice cream EVER... AND it's no longer shutting down! HURRAH!

13. If you're into cycling, walking, hiking or running, the North (especially Yorkshire) is a top place to come - aswell as the beauty, it's pretty safe. Thanks to the 2012 Olympics and the TDF sport has seen a real boost.

14. The nature. Cute little critters, loads of trees and rolling hills. In Summer the countryside of the North can't be beaten.

15. Pubs. So many pubs.

16. And guess what? It's fairly cheap compared to down South.

17. And the last reason to head to the North?? Because it's just AWESOME, that's why.

* And yes this is probably quite biased towards Yorkshire. Soz.