Friday, 3 April 2015

Tick it off the Bucket List...Hold a Koala

 Just a heads up this post is photo heavy/full of koala spam/an overload of cuteness.
If there was one thing on my Aussie bucket list that I wanted - no, NEEDED - to do it was hold one Australia's native marsupials...The koala (obviously). And yesterday that dream came true.
We made the hour long drive to Cohunu koala park in Byford. Entry fee to the park is $15 but if you wanna hold a koala and take photos it's an extra $25. I thought it was a bit of a rip to be honest, but after being handed Tilly and getting to feed her some eucalyptus (which STINKS by the way), I was more than happy to pay the extra $25.
I mean look at the look of pure joy/excitement/pure happiness on my face:
The park itself is a little bit run down I guess but the staff were so friendly and the koala carer seemed to genuinely love the little dudes (she described them as her babies). The koala's are rotated so they aren't constantly being pestered and we got about ten minutes each with our bear.
 I didn't feel like the koala's were being forced against their will. They are used to being handled, are looked after and to be honest, being able to get so close to these kind of animals just makes you want to try and help conserve wildlife that little bit more.
So anyways this little beauty was Tilly and she seemed pretty happy to be handled. She came over to us so easily and she seemed pretty chill (Does eucalyptus get koala's stoned? Have I read that somewhere?). But yeah, koala's are as soft as they look but man are they heavy! (I know you wouldn't think that right?)

Anyways I fell completely in love with Tilly and all the other bears and I can't wait to go to Yanchep National Park where there is a WILD colony. It will be magical to see them in the wild and it's just another adventure for us to go on!
Anywas here's some more koala spam...



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