Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Motor Museum of WA

I'm not too sure how most people will feel about this post as it features a lot of cars but hopefully the readers of Alright Blondie are a lot like me and can't help but 'Ooooh!' when a shiny, brightly coloured, vintage car drives past them!

Last weekend Jody and I wanted to get out of the house but as we are skint we are on a very tight budget. A few googles later we decided on the Motor Museum of WA in Whiteman Park as it was only $10 entry.

We are both massive fans of Top Gear and I LUUUURVE vintage cars (Cuba looks like my idea of a dream). Then there is Jody's dad who is big into cars so he's passed that gene on to Jodes ! We saw going to the museum as an easy way to kill an hour or two and to be honest we didn't expect much but after walking in we realised we were extremely wrong.

There was loads of different cars - both real, fake and toy! - aswell as motorbikes, petrol pumps, signs, photos and more. If you're not into cars at all then don't waste your time going cos you probably won't enjoy it but if you are a petrol head then get yourself there. (If your SO, BFF, mum isn't into cars there is Caversham wildlife Park just next door so coerce them into going with you with the promise of kangaroos and koalas!)

I won't bore you all with all the different car makes and models but if you would like to know feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

And to finish, everybody's favourite vintage car BRUM!


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  1. Oh I love old museums like this that show old cars. Moving to America I've adopted a love for all the old muscle cars they have over here. I get spoiled being in Michigan as that's like the place cars really started being developed thanks to Henry Ford. I remember seeing a version of the Brum car once - so many memories of that show!