Friday, 17 April 2015

Jobs available to you on a WHV

So you've got your working holiday visa, you've sorted everything important out and now you need are on the hunt for a job. Well where do you start?

You all know how hard I found it getting a job when I arrived and to be honest I didn't expect to find it as hard as I did. Thankfully I've been in work for a month now so I thought hey, my experiences could help somebody be more prepared than I was when they arrive in Australia!

On a working holiday visa you are only allowed to work for an employer for 6 months which means a lot of companies won't employ people on a permanent basis (unless they plan on sponsoring you). It means finding work can be a bit of a ballache but there are still jobs available so don't loose hope!

So here goes...

Bar/Café/Restaurant work.
These kind of jobs are perfect for somebody on a working holiday visa. Hours are flexible with both full and part time hours available aswell as paying upwards of $20 an hour. It's pretty easy to get a job in this area (especially if you have experience) and with a lot of students doing these kind of jobs they are used to people working for them short term. BUT if you plan to work with alcohol make sure you get your Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate online.

Apply for jobs on Seek.
Only the lucky few will get a full time, permanent job - like I said up there, companies don't tend to employ people on a WHV. Seek is the biggest recruitment website in Aus so there are loads of contract and temporary positions you can apply for.

Sign up to Recruitment agencies for temporary office work.
Recruitment agencies that specialise in temporary office work are fantastic for people on a WHV. I signed up to three and one of them has been spectacular, getting me some fantastic roles. Once you've proven what a good worker you are, you will nearly always have work  Expect to earn upwards of $23 an hour.

Become an Au-Pair.
From what I can gather, all the Aussies seem to have European au-pairs. You don't necessarily need experience working with kids but it always helps. And you can live in the family home in some cases. I don't know a lot about this one I'm afraid cos it's something that's never really interested me!

Try your luck and just go round handing out CV's and ringing people.
Jody gave his CV to a couple of companies and within a week he had a call back and a job. Some people just get lucky. Jody has worked for builders merchants since he was 19 and has a lot of good experience...It didn't even matter that he was only on a 417 visa. If you have a proven track record, work in the right field and have a bit of luck, you might just get your ideal job.

Do your second year farm work - Paid
If all else fails go do your farm work - fruit picking, packing, pruning, fishing, pearling - there is all sorts available all over the country. Just make sure you check what's in season and when. For 88 days of farm work you will be granted another year here, have some money coming in and learn a lot more about yourself. Some hostels have contacts within the farming industry, some have recruitment agencies and some have job boards.  Or you can always just try your luck calling farms.

Some 2nd year visa work websites:
Backpacker Jobs - facebook
Fruitpicking Jobs - facebook

Do your second year farm work - WWOOFing.
Okay with WWoofing - Willing Workers on Organic Farms - you work in exchange for accommodation and food. Sure your not getting paid but you don't have to worry about paying rent and you know, not eating. AND you get your 88 days signed off. Bonus.

Hopefully this helps you lovely people out and I have my fingers and toes crossed that anybody coming to Australia doesn't find getting a job here as hard as I did!

Any plans to come here soon? Comment below! :)


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