Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Australia: Month three recap

March 29th marked our third month in Australia and it's terrifying me just how fast this year is going. It feels like we have been in Perth for a lot longer than three months though which is a bit weird!
Month three started out a bit rubbish. Jody was working so I was in the house by myself, no car, savings slowly dwindling. I'd applied for a bazillion jobs and was signed to three recruitment agencies and nada. I was getting a bit down I guess.
Fast forward to the end of March and everything is the complete opposite. I've been working for two weeks in a really nice office and come Tuesday I started at another month long assignment (With the possibility of extension aswell!).
I have money in the bank, we have our four day trip to look forward and we are looking into moving out (either into a hostel or a flatshare). I'm feeling a million times better than I did at the beginning of the month.
The long Easter weekend brings more exploring and Jody's 26th birthday (it feels like only yesterday it was his 21st!) so April is off to an ace start!
How was your March? Wonderful I hope?

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