Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Australia: Month Four Recap

Image from Tumblr.

Man can you believe it's been four months since I hopped on that 20 hour flight? Sometimes it feels like I've been here forever and then other days it feels like five minutes. So what's gone on in Month Four?

Well as explained in Wednesday's post Jody and I have decided to head North in search of farm work. Instead of pimping out our mirage we are gunna invest in a campervan (sadly not a VW) and have a proper Aussie roadtrip.

Campervans cost money which means working and saving hard...Luckily my one month temporary role has been extended to as long as I want! As we all know staying in all the time can get pretty boring so we have been finding really cheap things to do to pass the time.

Unfortunately all my savings so far have gone on paying off our four day West coast trip, our car rego AND a new hard drive for my laptop cos mine has conked out so I'm having to replace that.

All bills seem to come at once don't they? Aaah being an adult.

What have you guys been up too lately? Any cheap but fun ideas of what to do with ourselves?

And a small PS - We went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday and I couldn't recommend it more. Action, Comedy and Superheroes what more do you need?


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