Wednesday, 8 April 2015

19 Things you should know before visiting the UK.

1. It doesn't rain all the time...Just some of the time.
2. We don't all drink tea (Sorry).
3. There is more to the UK than just London. The southern coast is beautiful and sometimes warm and the North is so green!
4. The transport system is pretty unreliable so don't expect much.
5. And a bulk of the bus drivers are really rude.
6. The accent varies a lot...Good luck with that.
7. As does the slang. Something from the North might mean something completely different in the South.
8. Prepare yourself for just how good our chocolate is. Seriously.
9. The UK is actually quite safe outside of London.
10. We don't accept people who don't like animals. True story.
11. The music scene is fantastic (especially the indie scene).
12. It's so easy to drive in the UK and most of the time it's fairly safe.
13. And everywhere is so clearly sign posted (unlike in WA...)
14. You can get anywhere in the UK in a day. Even if you drive. Amazing.
15. A lot of Brits are quite ignorant when it comes to other languages. Sorry about that. I wish schools put a bit more emphasis on languages - Much handier than algebra.
16. Most of us have good teeth thanks to the fabulous NHS. Don't watch the Jeremy Kyle show though if you want to see good teeth.
17. Parts of the UK are a lot more expensive than other parts. It's cheaper to buy a 3 bed house in the North than it is to buy a 1 bed flat in the South.
18. Our grub is the best. Bland and comforting and YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS.
19 And finally, Jody's addition...We have the Premier League, the GREATEST league in the WORLD...Prepare yourself for just how seriously men take their football. You may become a football widow.


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