Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You know it rains in Australia right?

karen from mean girls
Last weekend Perth welcomed the tail end of Cyclone Olwyn - Although it had calmed down a hell of a lot by the time it got to us, we still had a fair old bit of rain on Sunday. Since then the weather hasn't really picked up: There has been no sign of the sun and a lot of on and off showers. I even wore jeans yesterday!

Bar the weather things are looking up. I start a temporary two week role tomorrow and I'm hoping that now I've got my foot in the door the offers will continue to carry on coming in so here's hoping!  A British girl I did some temp work with said it took her four months to get some work so I suppose I've gotten lucky that it's only taken me two and a half.

Now that the weather's taken a turn and we are saving and working, Perth has lost a bit of it's sparkle. We are ready to move on, crack on with our regency work for our second year and go check out the East coast.

At the moment we are thinking of heading over to QLD first and working our way down. What's the best way to do it? Bus, campervan, car, what? Help!


  1. Never been to Austrlia so I can't help you with your questions. But yay well done on getting a job so quickly!