Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Rottnest Island

 Just a heads up guys this post is pretty photo heavy!
After two months living in Perth, Jody and I finally made it to Rottnest Island yesterday. For those of you that don't know, Rottnest is 22km south of Perth, accessible by boat or plane. It's 11km long and at it's widest point it is 4.5 km wide. It was originally home to the aboriginal people but as sea levels began to rise it became unhabited before being re-discovered by europeans in the 17th century.
When the explorers landed on the island they noticed a lot of 'bush rats' (Actually cute little quokkas) and they named the island Rottnest (Rats nest) island. Over the last 400 years it has been used as a farm, prison, a reformatory and an army barracks before finally being given A class reserve status to protect it's beauty.
Jody and I got the ferry over for $68 each via Rottnest fast ferries and we also rented bikes and snorkel gear from them for an additional $55. Bike is the easiest way to get around as you can discover a lot more this way - And it's a fun way to squeeze some fitness into your day.  
quokka selfie
They biggest USP of the island is easily the quokkas. These super cute marsupial's are only found on Rottnest due to the lack of predators and they are uber tame. They are used to a constant stream of people on the island and love to come up to you and check you out.. You can see by the pics just how friendly the little dude's are and as they come up to you, you don't feel like you are pestering them. Just a lil tip, they love a scratch/quokka massage behind the ears!

view of rottnest

view ofrottnest
beach view
Rottnest Island truly is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and Jody agreed (And he has been ALL OVER THE WORLD).  It's so relaxed and the ocean is that perfect turquoise blue that you see in travel brochures.
bay at rottnest

view of rottnest
Thanks to the crystal clear water this means Rottnest is ideal for snorkelling. As I'm not the best swimmer I tend to paddle rather than snorkel, but Jody said that he saw some of the prettiest fish he has ever seen when he was in the sea aswell as a massive stingray doing his thang.
We got about 5 hours at Rottnest and barely scratched the surface of the island due to stopping to make friends with quokkas and enjoy the snorkelling on offer. We are already planning to go back and camp over so we can explore the entire island at a more leisurely pace.
Perth just keeps growing and growing on me and I can't wait for our next adventure!

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