Sunday, 8 March 2015

Important things you should do when you arrive in Oz

tan comparison
When I first arrived vs 2 months later...Look at that tan!
Sooo you've arrived in Australia. But what next?

Arriving in Australia was a complete rollercoaster of emotions for me including tiredness, excitement and a whole bag of nerves. Obviously when I first landed all I wanted to do was sleep...and sleep...and sleep but the best thing to do is try and adjust to the time difference.
 We arrived at 2 in the afternoon and *just* managed to stay awake until 8pm - meaning we woke up at a decent ish time the next day. If you land at 9am then staying awake til a decent time is probably a no-no but it's super important you try sort your body clock as soon as possible!
When you are re-energized, memorise your address and try to get your bearings. Find out where the local shops are, petrol stations, ATM's, the bus/train stations  (and the beach of course)...Anything that can be of importance somewhere along the line. We got a car pretty much as soon as we arrived so we borrowed a sat nav which made everything much easier. Just remember to carry water if you're walking anywhere!
Set up a bank account. This is pretty easy and where I live there are banks everywhere. I bank with NAB and the lady who helped us was just wonderful. To set up an account you'll need your passport and your visa so don't forget them!
Sign up for a medicare card. Having a medicare card means that doctors who 'bulk bill' will see you for free - Basically Medicare will pay the costs. Jody got some coral stuck in his hand and needed some antibiotics and without the card the doctors visit would have cost him $70 - instead he only had to pay the $19 for his tablets. So big help. Again you will need your passport, visa and bank account details.
If you have a youthful face you should definitely invest in a proof of age card. Here in WA, a UK driver's license isn't acceptable ID and obviously you don't want to be carrying your passport around with you. It isn't free but if you loose your passport whilst you're out, you are in heaps of trouble1

When you start applying for jobs, make sure you apply for a Tax File Number. You will need this when you get a job as it helps the government administer the right tax etc to you. Boring but essential! It takes seconds and arrives in no time at all.
Another important thing is to remember you are in Australia - Keep your suncream topped up and carry a bottle of water with you so you don't get dehydrated. Even though we knew it was gunna be hot, we weren't fully prepared for just HOW warm it is.

But most of all: Remember to have fun!

It's the trip of a lifetime and maybe even a once in a lifetime opportunity. Make the most of every chance you have and enjoy it!

Proof Of Age Card Application
Medicare Application Form
Tax file number

Anyone planning an Australian trip any time soon?



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