Monday, 16 March 2015

27 things that happen when you move to Australia

Moving to Australia is kind of a big deal and everyone will do it differently. But chances are a couple of things on this list have definitely happened to you!

1. You stop sniggering when someone says thongs (flip-flops).

2. You constantly find yourself in the British aisle of Woolies or IGA looking for a well know snack from home.

3.You constantly find yourself in the queue at Woolies or IGA paying $3 for a measly 45g Galaxy bar just because it tastes right.

4. You fall out of love with Cadburys because here it's so revolting it hurts.

5. You come to accept the fact that wild koalas aren't that commonly seen so there is no chance of one roaming into your back garden and slowly being domesticated to become your cuddly pet.

6. 'I'm melting' and 'Oh my God it's so hot' become 7 of the most used words in your vocab.

7. You get used to men wearing UGG boots.

8. You hope your boyfriend/brother/dad/neighbour don't ever decide to buy a pair of UGG boots.

9. Using beer as oil when cooking meat becomes the norm.

10. You don't have an appetite to begin with because well, WARM.

11. You soon realise that 30 degrees + every day isn't ideal - especially when it comes to sleep.

12. As soon as you drive out of a built up area and into a tree filled area you panic and worry you're going to break down and run out of water and you might die in the bush.

13. You soon realise that the roads are lethal and it's a dog eat dog world when it comes to the freeway. Jody compares driving on the roads to being in Mad Max.

14. It soon becomes apparent that cricket is more like a religion here.

15. You come to realise that 'Ay' has 73 million different meanings - Yes, Do you agree?, Maybe, Wouldn't you say?

16. Naps during the day cease to exist 'cos it is too bloody hot to sleep at night nevermind during the day.

17. You get used to saying 'How you going' because 'How are you doing' or 'You alright' tend to get a puzzled face as a response.

18. Ice lollies become one of your 5 a day.

19.As the biscuits here are a bit pants (And they are EVERYWHERE), TimTams become an integral part of your life.

20. You forget what socks are and what purpose they serve.

21. You underestimate the sun and get burned the first three times you go to the beach. And in super weird patches.

22. You forget what it's like to sleep in a proper bed that isn't gritty from sand.

23.Chances are you will get hooked on My Kitchen Rules (Kinda like Masterchef).

24. You get asked if you are from Scotland at least once (If you are from Yorkshire anyways).

25. You miss things you didn't expect to miss.

26. People you didn't expect to keep in touch with you. People you thought would keep in touch with you, don't.

27. Sometimes you will wonder if you did the right thing and want to go home but in the long run it's all worth it and it's amazing.

This list was a combined effort from myself and the mister, Jody. Any additions you can think of?


  1. This really made me laugh, I've just got back from Australia so could relate to a lot of this...especially being asked if I'm from Scotland!

  2. Do they actually cook meat with oil?! And the Cadbury is shit!!! Are you okay?! haha fuck that, I'm staying in Ireland!! This post made me realise even though I fantasise about going to Australia, actually doing it would be way too fucking warm to live. Thnks for making me confirm this and not going because, realistically, I would die (because lack of chocolate, obviously).