Sunday, 29 March 2015

Serpentine Falls

Sometimes it's nice just to pick a random place on the internet, pack a picnic and just go.
This weekend we Ip-Dip-Sky Blued it and ended up driving an hour South to Serpentine Falls. As it's in the Serpentine National Park the surroundings are pretty much wild bush so we were on edge watching out for creepy crawlies and stuff.
The falls themselves are a 400m walk from the car park so they are super easy to reach. (There are also some longer hikes that apparently have some mint views but it was far to hot to do them and let's face it, we are also very lazy).
The fall was really pretty and so far it's one of Jody's favourite places we have been to so far. We had a bit of a trek about on the trails before having a wander to the fall itself. It was pretty busy due to it being a Sunday but not busy enough that it felt cramped.
Jody went for a swim and said it was super refreshing and not that deep in parts. BUT there are signs warning you everywhere about diving in and how slippy the rocks are so it's definitely somewhere you need to be on alert at - There've even been deaths in the past.
On our way back to the car park we found a pretty big lizard and spent about 15 minutes gawking at him trying to get some good pictures (which was really hard cos he was really quick). Apparently there are wild roo's kicking around the park but we didn't see any so BOOOOO.
I'd defs recommend taking a picnic - there are benches to sit at and barbecues to cook on - and make sure you take plenty of water and suncream as the falls are pretty exposed to the sunshine. Entry into the park costs $12 per vehicle so load up an esky and get yourself there!
The whole picking a place and just going seemed to work out quite well and hopefully the long Easter weekend will bring more of the same.
Here's a couple of snaps from the falls!



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