Tuesday, 10 March 2015

9 things that confuse me in Australia

Don't get me wrong, Australia is awesome - Quokkas, sunshine, beaches, koalas, Crust pizza, cool street art - but some of it just confuses my blonde brain.

1. The roads. The freeway's are a bit confusing because the left lane tends to merge into the middle after a junction. Sometimes when there is an exit the left lane leads straight off the freeway and other times you have to indicate. It's a bit of a free for all.
2. The road signs...Well the lack of them anyways. You will be going somewhere following the signs then the signs just vanish...Awesome.
3. Supermarkets shut at 5pm on weekends. What about the late night chocolate runs!!!
4. Beef hotdogs/sausages. Don't get me wrong they are nice and all but what happened to pork? WHERE IS THE PORK?!?!
5. Proper takeaway garlic mayo doesn't exist. They have aioli but it pales in comparison to the takeaway mayo we get back home.
6. How some stuff can be so cheap but some stuff is so expensive. To fill our car up with petrol is $32 (around £16) but a crate, sorry *carton*, of beer costs $45 (£24). Huh? At home it's the opposite.
7. Everybody seems to go running. In the afternoon. When the sun is at it's hottest. HOW DO THEY NOT DIE FROM THE HEAT?!?!
8. 'O' gets added to everything. Bottle-o (alcohol shop), serv-o (service station) smoke-o (work break), arvo (afternoon)...I know it's abbreviation but still it doesn't make sense!
9. The birds. The damn birds. You knows crows back home are pretty loud when they caw? Well the crows here are a zillion times louder and have aussie accents - They sound more like 'MARRRRCCC'. They enjoy waking up early. Feathery pricks.

Are you living in another country at the moment? What do you find different to back home?


  1. What about the chicken salt?! First discovered at Woolworths in Sydney CBD on the hot food counter where I was asked if I wanted it with my chips!

    Also, where are the drawn cocktail crisps? xx

    1. I'm yet to experience chicken salt, sounds interesting?! My housemates have forced a lot of aussie produce on us but not that haha.

      We are struggling to find cheese & onion crisps in the smaller packets which is rubbish :/

  2. Hahaa I love this. My sis lives in Australia and she hates how they don't have the latest products over there!

    I love Tim Tams. I wish they sold them here.
    Jenny - jnylng.com

    1. Yeah some stuff is out here before it is in the UK and other stuff is unheard of! Weird.

      Yeah I've got a bit of a TimTam addiction but my fella hates them for some reason.

  3. I'm sure Smiths do small packets. It is all about the massive bags over there isn't it! I gave them up for Lent when I was over there as I was eating way too many bags of Smiths Salt n Vineger!

    Chicken salt is exactly as it sounds, I suppose like the stuff they coat chicken crisps in over here. Except they have bottles of it along with normal salt to put on your food.

    1. I'll have to have a look next time I'm shopping, The big bags are just too tempting for me!

      Ew sounds strange haha