Thursday, 12 March 2015

19 reasons why being a girl sucks sometimes

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There's loads of good things about being a girl, but first up let's deal with the negative (Dad you might wanna look away now).*

1. Aunt Irma visiting.The red river flowing. Mother Nature. Regardless of how you put it, that time of the month sucks. All the food, all the spots and all the cramp.

2. Having to be responsible and take the pill everyday. Is there not a pill that dudes can take? Then again maybe a guy remembering to take a pill every day isn't the best idea.

3. If you sleep around you're a slut, if you keep it to yourself you're frigid. Can't win.

4. Then there's the mean girls. If you wear a tight dress you're a whore, if you wear jeans and a jumper you're a dyke.

5. Mean Girls full stop. (And yes I'm looking at you, remember calling me pizza face? Well guess what, MY SKIN IS GLORIOUS NOW AND I LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN CINDERELLA...So yeah).

6. Armpit hair. Leg hair. Sometimes even facial hair. Ergh all the effort. Can I not give up and become a bear yet?

7. Having to wear make-up everyday because society tends to make women feel like shit if they don't look like a supermodel (Hey Jess are you okay you look ill? NO I'M JUST NOT WEARING MAKE UP, BACK THE EFF OFF).

8. Eyebrows. It's hard to keep up with the current eyebrow game of the world and I'm happy with my slugs.

9. Catcalling. Why?

10. People telling us 'Are you sure you wanna eat all of that?' YES THAT'S WHY IT'S ON MY PLATE.

11. Not being taken seriously if you wear too much make-up and have nice hair.

12. Not being taken seriously if you wear no make up and have wild hair.

13. Being told to 'Get in the kitchen where we belong and make a sandwich'. This is one of my most hated phrases in the world. (DISCLAIMER: Jody has never told me to do this, he's one of the good guys).

14. All the responsibilities of having to remember stuff - dates, times, occasions.

15. Boys who think it's okay to mess you around. Or if you are that way inclined, girls who think it's okay to mess you around.

16. People who think a woman's sole purpose in life is to get knocked up and run a home. NAH. My womb is off limits, soz. And I'm crap at cleaning and cooking so good luck there.

17. Having to get your roots done in fear of looking scruffy or someone seeing your grey hairs.

18. Having a bit of bite and not taking anybody's crap can make you any of the following: Mean. A bitch. Scary. Intimidating. A guy who doesn't take any crap? A legend. Tough. Someone to look up to. Brave.

19. Having to worry about walking home late at night just incase a would be attacker is on the prowl. Having to worry about getting in a taxi incase it's one of those dodgy ones. Having to worry about personal safety full stop.

*Today's post is a little different to my usual Friday post. Hopefully it's good different! Don't worry the travel posts aren't going anywhere!


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    1. Sorry Im rubbish with comments I don't get a notification when I receive them its so annoying! x Thank you!

  2. This was a deadly post, you should write more rants like these! I HATE that gys who are mouthy are seen as the hard lad whereas girls do seem like bitches, aka I'm always seen as the bitch, but fuck it lol I can't cook either and neither can my boyfriend, so takeaway is always there for us!

    I actually like your writing style! I'm getting ored of the generic "love everyone and I'm writing this so you'll follow me" bullshit! Keep it up!

    1. Well I'm glad you like it, I find that too many bloggers are all sweetness and light and life just isn't like that haha x