Sunday, 22 March 2015

A slightly strange outing

taxidermy museum
Have a spare half an hour and fancy doing something a bit weird and wonderful? Then check out the Museum of Natural History in Guildford. Or to call it by it's other name - The Academy of Taxidermy.
Okay I will be honest. I'm a bit weird. I like different, I like strange and I like quirky. So when we headed to Guildford (a suburb of Perth that time forgot) and saw that they had this museum I knew I had to visit.

dinosaur model

triceratops model

dinosaur model
The museum is only dinky (one room) but it's stuffed full of funky, freaky creatures. For  the bargain price of $5 you can ooh and ahh at all the strangeness surrounding you. Sure it only takes half an hour to look around but it's definitely something you won't forget in a hurry.
Some of the creatures are replicas (like the dinosaurs of course) and some are stuffed or created in moulds by the museum owner, curator and taxidermist, Michael Buzza. According to the DVD's playing in the museum he has a waiting list of two (!!) years and charges $1000 to stuff people's pet cats. Wowzers.

stuffed tiger
The stuffed tiger was actually a circus tiger who got into a fight with another animal and sadly died. It seemed like a lot of the specimens at the museum were animals that had died and been donated - There was a lot of dogs and there was a tortoise on show that had been found on the beach with a busted shell.  Kind of made me feel better knowing that not all of them were murdered for sport.
Besides the mammals and dinosaurs there was insects, bird feet, eggs, taxidermy eyes and books dotted all over the place. There was even a kid's corner!
After leaving the museum we weren't entirely sure if we loved it or if it was a bit weird but it was worth the $5 entry fee just to sense that feeling of awe. It was really interesting to watch the DVD's and see just how much care and love Buzza puts into his art (Is it art? I suppose it is)
The museum was pretty eerie but kind of cool aswell. One of my favourite places in the world is the Natural History Museum in London so why is this little place so different to there? The animals are taxidermied in there right?
An outtake from the camera reel!
If you're into things that are a little bit different you should go check it out. The address is 131 James Street, Guildford, 6055 and it's open 7 days a week. Buzza is normally kicking around so I'm sure if you had any questions he would be willing to answer!
You can find the museum website here.
A little bit weird? Or wonderful? What do you think?


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