Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why you shouldn't pass on Perth, WA

A lot of people pass on Perth (including T-Swift) as it's miles away from Sydney/Melbourne/Cairns. It's actually closer to Bali than it is to Sydney - I think, I should check that but meh.

Honestly though, if we hadn't of had friends here, we would have probably done the same thing and headed straight for the East coast. Luckily for us we have made Perth our first stop and we are gunna be based here for the next few months.

So why shouldn't you pass on Perth?

indian ocean
1. Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia. We get 8 hours of sunshine a day and in summer it regularly tops 35 degrees.
2. It's supposedly the 3rd windiest city in the world making it ace for watersports like wind and kite surfing. It also cools you down a hell of a lot when the temperature is above 40.
3. There's loads of cool places to go on a road trip - 260 km south is the Margaret River region which is meant to be mega for surfing and 129.5 km away is Lancelin...Surfing, sandboarding and 4 wheel driving. There's also Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef 10-12 hours away for if you fancy a bigger adventure.
4. We also have Rottnest. A beautiful island accessible by ferry with a whole hog of stuff you can do. Also Quokka's (cute little mousey rat things) are native to here. Google them and you will defs want to see some of the lil cuties in the flesh.
5. Fremantle is a half an hour drive away. So far Fremantle is one of my most favourite places in the world. Fun, quirky shops, an amazing market and loads to do - We went on the prison tour (read more about it here), I promise it was really good!
6. The shopping. Okay maybe one that's not so much for backpackers with no money whatsoever But the shopping here is seriously good. The chilled out surfer look is something that I'm really loving at the moment.
7. The laid back lifestyle. When the beach is a 15 minute drive away and you live in 8 hours of sunshine a day it's pretty hard to be miserable. Everyone is so chilled out and the majority are really nice and chatty.
8. I've never seen a spider in the house. Everyone I know on the East coast has encountered spiders in their shoes, their bedrooms, ergh. Also the aggressive funnel web spider doesn't live here, only the timid red back - Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.
9. The Sunsets are insane. Sure you get sunsets everywhere but the sunsets here are unlike any I've seen before. So many colours and if you're at the beach, pretty romantic. I'm currently collecting all my sunset pics into one post so keep your eyes peeled.
10. We have some wicked national parks. There's loads of parks up in the Perth hills and on the way to Lancelin you have Yanchep where you can Koala spot - All ideal for hiking! There's also some marine parks where you can go swim with turtles, whale sharks and more.
11. Jurien Bay is a 2 hour drive away and you can skydive over one of the most beautiful spots in WA. (Check it out here)


  1. I really want to visit Australia! You've made Perth sound amazing! Enjoyed your post :)

    Bex x

    1. Aww thank you I'm so glad! Perth really is beautiful